A new writing space

I am thrilled to have created a new blog to take on the issues of teaching, the English language, and teaching English. I am especially thrilled that no one took the name, either: Docere Est Discere. For you non-Latinophiles, that means “To teach is to learn,” and that is my motto as I work through issues about my philosophy of teaching/learning and how I will think about teaching the English language as I move toward the end of my education program and into my waiting vocation.

The nice thing about this is that I can now separate what already felt fairly separate to me before: my philosophy and theological writings for which this blog was initially created, and the posts about teaching and language. So you will see less of me writing about language (unless it is concerning rhetoric in argument) and education. If you actually liked those writings better, then come on over and see what I’m writing about on those topics. For your convenience, I have even placed an RSS link in the sidebar, so recent posts on Docere will display here at TCC (and vice versa over there).

Happy learning!


2 Responses to A new writing space

  1. steve says:

    I am curious to know what part of the U.S. you currently live in. I have a feeling -I don’t know why- you live and matriculate in the midwest. I currently teach in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and know a number of people in my district who hire new teachers. Have you already secured a job when you graduate from your education program? If not, I would be thrilled to share your information with my superintendent(s) as your kind of educator/people are needed in our public schools. I have said this before, I simply love your blog, and if there is anything I could do to help someone with your obvious passion and ability succeed at securing your first teaching position, I would do it in a heart beat.
    Let me know your thoughts,
    Steve K.

  2. Brody says:

    You’re right on target, Steve; I do reside in the Midwest, specifically the central region of Illinois (an hour or so southeast of Springfield).

    As far as whether or not I have secured a position, I have not, primarily because I’m not close enough to the end of the program to be looking for jobs just yet. I do appreciate the offer, however, and in a year or so when I’m student teaching and actively looking for teaching positions (and if I decide to look into IA as an option, although I’m not sure if my IL certification will be good there), I’ll let you know.

    And as always, thanks for the kind remarks.

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