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[Reposted from June 2007 – a reminder to discourage shameless self-promotion. I may be more strict on this from here on out.]

As a writer, I appreciate comments that I can get on the content of my entries, which is why I enjoy the current format immensely. However, even though commenters are limited and my blog not well travelled (I presume), I will not tolerate comments made for the sole purpose of promoting other blogs or sites. I would prefer only comments that are directly relevant to the material being covered or at least directly related to the point of this blog itself, so I am henceforth adopting a policy of disapproval for shameless promotion. I won’t moderate all comments that include links to other sites – and in fact, I appreciate the inclusion of such in blog profiles and such as a way of subtle promotion – but if you choose to comment only to link somewhere else without responding to my entry itself, however tangential the content might be to what I am saying, your comment will be taken off. I hate to be authoritarian about it, but this site is mostly writing for myself, even though I hope other people appreciate what I have to say, and as such, I do have some standards.


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