Just a note

October 30, 2008

[Reposted from June 2007 – a reminder to discourage shameless self-promotion. I may be more strict on this from here on out.]

As a writer, I appreciate comments that I can get on the content of my entries, which is why I enjoy the current format immensely. However, even though commenters are limited and my blog not well travelled (I presume), I will not tolerate comments made for the sole purpose of promoting other blogs or sites. I would prefer only comments that are directly relevant to the material being covered or at least directly related to the point of this blog itself, so I am henceforth adopting a policy of disapproval for shameless promotion. I won’t moderate all comments that include links to other sites – and in fact, I appreciate the inclusion of such in blog profiles and such as a way of subtle promotion – but if you choose to comment only to link somewhere else without responding to my entry itself, however tangential the content might be to what I am saying, your comment will be taken off. I hate to be authoritarian about it, but this site is mostly writing for myself, even though I hope other people appreciate what I have to say, and as such, I do have some standards.


The wonders of technology

May 7, 2008

Here’s to technology possibly making my life (or at least my blogging) much easier: I’ve just installed the ScribeFire extension to my Firefox, and its ability to add and update entries from the browser without actually being on the page is incredible. This is my way of testing to make sure it works decently.

Another possible consequence of this (which would be a big improvement, in my estimation) is that I may end up just writing shorter, less detailed posts meant to evoke discussion rather than entry-length assertions and rants. I think this would improve my ability to be more prolific with my writing, which is notably sparse these days. (The end of the semester in less than a week will also help, hopefully.)

Here goes nothing.

Update: It appears to be working just fine (I think).

Current reading

January 10, 2007

This is sort of a filler until I have something more significant to say…sorry.

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So The Christian Cynic is back.

August 22, 2006

And I’m the one that convinced him to make his triumphant return. You can all thank me later. 😉